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Higher Ed Marketing Lab

Jan 5, 2020

In this episode, we’ll be talking about social media, and specifically, what do when you suspect it’s time to sunset a social media account that’s outlived its usefulness. 

Joining us in the conversation is Rebecca Stapley. As former Assistant Director of Social Media at Nazareth College, Rebecca has first hand experience managing social media at her school and engaging with colleagues in other departments who want to or maybe already are running their own accounts on behalf of the school. 

You’ll hear from Rebecca about:

  • The key questions internal teams should asking BEFORE they start a new social account
  • How to approach colleagues when you suspect their social media accounts could use some help and how to do so in a way that minimizes defensiveness
  • And the specific process she used to wind down a set of alumni social media accounts at Nazareth College and integrate them into the school’s main account.